High Speed Electronic tacker

(1900 Series)
LK-1900S LK-1900H LK-1900F LK-1900M
Type Standard




Sewing Speed

Max. 2,700 SPM Normal 2,000 SPM
Sewing Area

20mm(L) X 40mm(W)

Stitch Length 0.1 to 10mm
Lift of Work Clamp Max. 17mm (Standard : 14mm)
Needle DP X 5 (#16) DP X 17 (#19) DP X 5 (#11) DP X 5 (#11)
Hook Standard shuttle hook
Input Pattern 30 patterns are provided as standard.*
Reducing Facility
20% to 200% (each 1%), Pattern enlargement/reduction can be done by increasing/decreasing the stitch length)
Bobbin Thread
Provided as standard
(The bobbin thread counter can be changed over to the number of pieces counter.)
Motor 400W compact-in-size AC servo-motor (direct-drive type)


Model Name LK-1901S

Type Standard
Sewing speed Max. 2,700 r.p.m.
Needle (Installed on delivery) DP X 5 (#16)
Available pattern numbers 11, 12, 13
Material-drawing amount Max. 3mm


Model Name LK-1902S LK-1902H
Type Standard Heavy
Sewing speed Max. 2,700 SPM
Needle DP X 5 (#16) DP X 17 (#19)
Patterns 17, 18 (19, 20, 21, 22*)

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