Pearl Line Sewing Machines

2/3/4/5 Threads Overlock sewing machine 
with Differential Feed.
Top of the line JUKI sergers, total of 12 stitch patterns.

MO-655 MO-654DE MO-654
Sale: $499 Sale: $459 Sale:$369

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Garnet Line Home Sergers

2/3/4 Threads Overlock sewing machine 
with Differential Feed.
Easy to use, perfect for Beginner or Advance Sewer.
MO-644D MO-644 MO-623
Sale: $399 Sale: $359 Sale:$349

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Single Needle TL-98Q

1-Needle, Lockstitch, Portable Sewing Machine With Automatic Thread Trimmer. For tailoring, quilting, dress making and many other applications.

Sale: $899 / Free Shipping
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Home Sewing Machine


JUKI Sergers




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