Overlock Sewing Machines


V - Series

Super high speed overlock

Model Name

V-41 V-51 V-61
Stitch Type 1-needle Overlock 2-needle Overlock 2-needle
Sewing Speed Max. 8,500 s.p.m. Max. 8,000 s.p.m. Max. 7,500 s.p.m.
Stitch Length 0.6 to 3.8mm (for special type machine, stitch length as long as 5.9mm is available) 0.8 to 4 (5) mm
Needle bar stroke 24.5mm
Needle Needles : (standard)
Lift of presser foot Max. 7mm (depending on type of sub-class model)
Presser foot pressure Max. 6kg
Stitch adjusting method By push button
Differential feed adjusting method By lever (with micro-adjustment)
Lubrication Fully automatic lubrication
Needle cooler By silicon oil lubricating unit for the needle tip
Needle thread heat remover By silicon oil lubricating unit for needle thread



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