Electronic Lockstitch
Pattern Sewing System



Model BAS-311E BAS-311EL BAS-326E BAS-341E BAS-342E
Stitch Type Lock stitch
Stitch Length 0.05 - 12.7 (mm)
Shuttle Hook Large
Applicable Materials Medium, Heavy, Extra heavy
Sewing Area X-Y (mm) 130 x 60  220 x 60  200 x 100 250 x 150  300 x 200 
Max. Number of Stitches 20,000
Thread Trimmer Standard
Wiper Standard
Lower Thread Counter Standard
Test & Diagnosis Function Standard
Floppy Disk (3.5) Standard
Max. Sewing Speed 2,500 (rpm) (When stitch length is 3mm or less)
Feed Mechanism Intermittent feed, pulse motor drive
Data Storage Method 3.5 floppy disk 2HD/1.44MB, 2DD
Minimum Resolution 0.05mm
No. of Stitches 20,000 stitches per pattern (max. 100 patterns, 360,000 stitches/2HD floppy disk)
Needle Type DP X 5, DP X 17, MR
2-step Presser Foot Split-type work clamp
Height of work Clamp Pneumatic type 30mm (BAS-311E, BAS-311EL, BAS-326E)
Safety Devices Automatic stop function for activation in the event of mis-operation realized with intermediate stop function and safety circuits
Power Table T-shaped for sitting or standing use
Power Supply 1-phase 110V, 220V, 3-phase 220V
Motor Three-phase 400W induction motor
Pattern Editing Functions Line, curve, circle, arc, zigzag stitch, double stitch, parallel stitch, offset, resizing, rotating, multiple stitch etc.

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