Electronic Lockstitch
Pocket Setter Sewing System


BAS 761



Productivity data (8-hour working shift)

Model BAS-760 BAS-761
Cycle time (compared to previous models)* 10.5 sec. 9.0 sec.
Margin ratio** 29% 25%
Production quantity 2,131 pockets 2,550 pockets




Stitch Type Lockstitch
No. of Needle 1
Stitch Length (mm) 0.1-6.0
Stitch Width (mm) 3.5
Vertical Hook 2.4
Materials Heavy
Sewing Area (mm) 250X250*

Thread Trimmer

Upper Thread Breakage Detector Standard
Bobbin Thread Counter Standard
Stacker Standard
Data Storage Method 3.5 floppy disk (2HD/1.44MB)
Max. Sewing Speed 4,250 rpm**
Machine head Single needle special zigzag lockstitch sewing machine (aluminum)
Sewing speed 500 - 4,250 rpm (9-position selectable type)
Bar tack sewing speed 500 - 3,500 rpm (7-position selectable type)
Power supply 3-phase 200 V, 220 V, 380 V
Machine dimensions 1,919 (W) 2 2,108 (L) 2 970 (H) mm
Weight 400kg

Clamp System


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