Electronic Lockstitch
Belt Loop Sewing System



Stitch Type Lock stitch
Max. Stitch Length 0.1-10.0(mm)
Height of Presser Foot 19(mm)
Max. Number of Stitches 29,30,36, 37,43,44
Wiper Standard
Needle Type DP X 17 NY #19-#21
Hook Shuttle Hook
Sewing Area X-Y 22 x 3(mm)
Thread Trimmer Standard
Max. Sewing Speed 2,100 spm
Loop Cutting Flat-end or V-shaped cut selection
Power Supply 3-phase 220V
Weight 205kg
Needle Gauge 40-70mm
Cycle Time 14sec. (29 stitches, 5 loops, including handling
Loop Length 50-120mm
Bobbin Counter 0-999
Production Counter Max. 9999
Sewing Speed 1,900-2,100spm (in steps of 100spm)
Sewing pattern Select from 6 sewing patterns
Enlarging and
reducing patterns
45-150% in both X and Y directions



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